Tips to Make Co-working Work

Co-working is a trend that has been growing in popularity for years. It’s not just for startups anymore, as it’s typically seen as an effective way to lower costs and increase productivity. However, many people have difficulty finding the right co-working space (or don’t know what they’re looking for!) This post will give you tips on how to find a good co-working space and keep your work environment productive!

 Find the right co-working space for you

The first thing you need to do is determine what type of co-working space will best suit your needs. Do you want a dedicated office, desk space in the workplace or at home? Are there any restrictions on attire for certain spaces that would be important to know about? Is wifi required by all co-workers? What amenities do they have? These are just some questions to think about before narrowing down your search! 

You should also consider how many people are going into the co-working space with you and whether or not they have specific requirements like needing internet access. This can limit where you go if it’s only one person looking for an open workspace while others prefer privacy from their neighbors. It may help them find a better fit as well.  You might also want to consider the types of co-workers you’re going into a co-working space with. If there are many introverts, it would probably not be best for them to go somewhere that has open office spaces and noisy coworkers around them all day long.


Create a routine for your day and stick to it

Create a routine for your day and try to stick to it like clockwork. By making sure you are at the co-working space by nine in the morning, for example, co-workers will learn that they can rely on you to show up when needed and expect an email from you at some point during the day even if there isn’t anything pressing going on with your work project. This is just one way of building trust among those who share space as well as others outside of their immediate group or business. It’s easy enough for people these days to do their jobs while sitting anywhere thanks to laptops, smartphones, and tablets; however, this doesn’t mean we should forget about basic social graces such as being respectful of others’ space and time.

The co-working trends of the past few years would lead you to believe that all creativity, productivity, and efficiency reside in open spaces with minimal personal boundaries where everyone is always on their feet. This isn’t true at all! The idea behind co-working is for people from various backgrounds to work together under one roof as they share ideas, resources, and goals. It’s not about being inside a shared office where there are constant interruptions or distractions but rather having enough privacy so that when inspiration strikes even if it’s late at night while others might be sleeping can still get some uninterrupted work done without feeling guilty over missed deadlines or responsibilities. This is why you should have a routine or schedule when you should work uninterruptedly and when will you make time mingling or working with your co-workers.

Don’t overwork

It may be tempting to just work in co-working spaces but make sure also to take some rest and maximize the amenities (like those found in to recharge. Some of the things that co-workers can do to make sure they maintain good wellness is eating healthy food, drinking plenty of water, and sleeping. It’s also important to take breaks for exercise or outdoor activities now and then to keep oneself productive while co-working. 

It would be great if there are some type of wellness products offered at co-working spaces such as foot massagers. This will help people avoid getting tired easily during their workday since one tends to spend most hours sitting down on their chair without moving around much due to time constraints from other tasks related to work or after a whole day of standing in events. Furthermore, many people may suffer from back pain which could get worse over time when they don’t move and you can’t expect to be productive when they are not feeling well.

Get the right gear – laptop, phone charger, headphones

This tip is very important because you can’t work in co-working spaces without these. You can’t really work in co-working spaces if you don’t have your laptop or a phone charger. Some factors can help you choose these things for you but the bottom line is that you choose the right gadgets that can help you become productive.

When choosing a laptop, look for its battery life, disk space, RAM, and the type of operating system. Don’t forget to also consider your budget. When choosing a phone charger, look for its charging speed and current output. When it comes to headphones, make sure that you choose ones with noise cancellation or sound-canceling technology because co-working spaces can be very noisy so these gadgets will help you focus better on work while being in a space where there are many people around you trying to do their own things too.


Get to know your co-workers and be social

Co-working spaces are a great place to get work done, network with others, and meet new people. It is a good idea to get out of your comfort zone and make intentional connections with co-workers. Don’t be afraid to say hello, introduce yourself, and chat about what you do for work or things in the news. You will never know who can help you not just in your tasks but in your career if you expand your network.

Which one of these do you find helpful? Be sure to take the time to reflect on your own experiences with co-working and share them in the comments. We’re always looking for ways to improve our office spaces, so we would love your input!

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